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Sophie - Mini Charm Pack 18710MC
Made up of rosy red, crisp linen-white, blossom pink, soft green, and grounded with an earthy cobblestone grey, the collection fits right in for spring or summer. And Christmas.
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Story Time - MINI Charm Pack - 21790MC
Don't we all love a good story? With this new collection, you will be able to tell some great stories. The panel brings us back to our childhood, and perhaps to grandchildren, and all the stages in between. In this Story Time collection by American Jane you will find: Daises, Checks (both big and small, and dotted ones too, lattice.
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Make Time - MINI Charm Pack - 24570MC
Inspired by the recognition of how creating space in our lives to be makers helps us to discover ourselves, and who we really are. The artwork for Make Time was inspired directly from my love of textiles, and of making.
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