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Looking Forward - Jelly Roll 18141JR
The color palette for this collection is Green, Gold, Pink, Blue and Purple. Light and Happy Prints with a feel of Geometric, Abstract with a hint of floral. The colors are beach-bright, 1960's Mod.
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Moody Bloom Digital - Jelly Roll 8440JR Moda Precuts
Moody Bloom by Laura Muir of Create Joy Project evokes a feeling of wild abandon in its brightly colored blossoms, lush watercolor washes and textural brushstrokes.
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Sanctuary - Jelly Roll 44250JR
A place of refuge...whether it's a field of flourishing blooms or a single stem in a vase, the 3 Sisters' Sanctuary is filled with flowers. The bouquets are fanciful and eclectic, a mix of bold and dainty, and they create a feeling of harmony with shades of Blush and Rose, Crystal and Tranquil aqua.
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American Gathering - Jelly Roll 49120JR
American Gathering brings together our favorite patriotic prints from past collections with stars, flags and shooting stars colored in Red, Indigo and Cream.
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