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A Blooming Bunch - AB 32 SKUS 40040AB Moda Precuts Fat Quarter Bundle
"Here's my story . . . what I love about the 70's style is that it feels very chic, fun, happy, flowery and breezy, and it puts a smile on my face. It makes us feel good because it takes us back to a simpler time, to the simple pleasures that are near and dear to my heart." - Maureen McCormick, aka "Marcia Brady"
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Fat Quarter Bundle - Malibu Batiks - AB 30 skus 4357AB
If everybody had an ocean... just like Malibu, you’d see them surfing and enjoying the vibrant colors of lush flowers and trees, the ocean and sky. No matter where you are, a warm beach evokes a myriad of images. Relaxing in the sun, diving into the deep blue waters, and enjoying the profusion of color. Bring a bit of the beach into your home with Malibu Batiks.
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Leonardo Da Vinci - Fat Quarter, 16pcs/bundle FQ-1741-16
This collection was inspired by the works of the true “Renaissance Man”. Leonardo da Vinci born in 1452 is widely considered one of the greatest artists of all time. A man of “Universal Genius” his technological prowess led to many inventions far ahead of their time.
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Lady Bird - Fat Quarter Bundle AB 30 SKUS 11870AB
Throw open the windows and take in the new season. Birds are bouncing, trees are budding, and nature is awakening. The Lady Bird Collection represents the harmony of spring and summer with landscapes painted in florals, and birds singing their song.
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