Take a Step Back in Time with Elinore's Endeavor
Elinore's Endeavor

Elinore Pruitt Stewart was born in 1876 in the Indian Territory of what is now Oklahoma.  Having raised her siblings after her parents died, she married, only to be widowed before her daughter was born.  After moving to Denver, she went to work for Henry Clyde Stewart of Wyoming, writing letters of daily life and events on a homestead that were published in Atlantic Monthly, and then as a book, “Letters from a Woman Homesteader”.  Elinore eventually married Mr. Stewart, had more children and continued to write letters that sincerely and frankly recorded the rigors of daily homestead life and the happy events shared with neighbors.

The endeavors of this independent, hard-working woman serve as the inspiration for Elinore’s Endeavors, a line that combines beautiful florals with sweet prints.

Elinore's Endeavor

Elinore's Endeavor

Manufacturer:  Moda Fabrics

Description:  100% Premium Cotton

Type:  44" - 45" Wide

Designer / Author:  Betsy Chutchian

Group Name:  Elinore's Endeavor

Theme:  Vintage/Reproductions

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We've put together a little slideshow featuring the designs from Elinore's Endeavor in a variety of color combinations with each design also getting its spotlight moment.

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