Small Quilting Projects that You Can Complete in a Weekend

Do you often find yourself with a free weekend (don't laugh, it could happen!) and a desire to hone your quilting skills?  Look no further!  Here are some small quilting projects you can complete in a weekend.  

1.  Table Runner 

A table runner is a simple and practical project that can add a personal touch to your dining table.  Choose a pattern and fabric that compliments your table and decor, and you can finish this project in one weekend.  Special occasions and the holidays are great excuses (if you need one) to create table runners to enhance your decor. 

2.  Coasters  

Coasters are the perfect beginner's project as they require minimal fabric and take little time to complete.  You can even mix and match different materials to add texture and depth to your set of coasters.  They also make great gifts, and again, great for adding holiday and special occasion-specific decor. 

3.  Pillow Covers  

Pillow covers are a great way to spruce up your living room or bedroom and are relatively easy to make.  Select a fabric that coordinates with your decor, or use scraps to create a patchwork effect.  Dare we say it again?  Great for holiday decorating! 

4.  Zipper Pouches  

Zipper pouches are versatile and useful for storing and organizing small items such as makeup, toiletries, or even your sewing essentials.  They are quick to make and can be customized with different fabrics and colors.  They make great back-to-school gifts, and what kid doesn't love their own customized zipper pouch for toys and crafts. 

5.  Mug Rugs  

Mug rugs are mini quilted coasters that are perfect for holding your cup of coffee or tea.  They are simple and quick to make, and you can experiment with different patterns and fabrics to create a unique set.  

6.  Fabric Baskets  

Fabric baskets are great for organizing your craft room or holding small items such as keys or coins.  They require minimal fabric and can be made in just a few hours, making them a perfect project for a lazy weekend day.  

7.  Quilted Placemats  

Quilted placemats are another simple yet practical project that can add a touch of style to your dining table.  Select a fabric that matches your dishware or choose a pattern that complements your decor.  And yes, great for holiday specific decorating. 

8.  Wall Hangings  

A quilted wall hanging is a lovely and unique way to express your creativity and add personality to your home.  You can choose from various patterns and techniques to make a small quilted design hanging on your wall.  

9.  Pincushions  

Pincushions are essential for any sewing enthusiast, and they are easy to make.  You can use scraps or fat quarters to create various designs and shapes.  

10.  Quilted Tote Bags  

Quilted tote bags are practical and stylish, and they are perfect for carrying your daily essentials.  You can customize the size and fabric to suit your needs and make a unique bag that reflects your personal style.  

These small quilting projects are a great way to hone your skills and create something beautiful in just a few days.  They are ideal for beginners or experienced quilters who want a quick project to work on during their free time.  Grab your fabric and sewing machine, and start your weekend quilting project today.  Lastly, you can make a few extra bucks by selling the items on our list, and who doesn't love that!

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