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Sewpha Santa - Quilting & Sewing Themed Greeting Card 1239 1729

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Our holiday greeting cards are an elegant and distinctive compilation of artistic illustrations and images that explore the magical time of the holidays, beautifully combined with the art of quilting and sewing as envisioned by SewEndipitous® Designs.
Item Number: christmas1729
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We are so excited to introduce you to our exclusive holiday editions of SewEndipitous® Designs Quilting and Sewing Greeting Cards especially designed for quilters and sewists. Our cards are only available through SewEndipitous® around the world! This particular card was designed based on the requests and suggestions from our family of Citizens of SewEndipitous®.

The cards are printed on high-quality cardstock and are the perfect thoughtful and personal touch to or from those who love the art of quilting and sewing. So why not send a special holiday greeting in the form of these beautiful cards that reminded them of the art and beauty found in this craft we love so much.

The interior is left blank for the sentiment of your choosing.

Single card with envelope
Card Size: 8.5" X 5.5" printed on high-quality, thick card stock
Made & Printed in U.S.A.

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