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(SOLD OUT) Let's Go Crazy Quilting Volumes 1 & 2 - (UnBound Version) Adult Coloring Book 5668028 100002.5

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(UNBOUND VERSION) Let's Go Crazy Quilting Volumes 1&2 by SewEndipitous® Designs is an adult coloring book for quilting and sewing addicts with 70 pages of intricate and elaborate crazy quilt designs.
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Home of the Unbound Quilter & Sewist Adult Coloring Books

UNBIND Your Creativity. UNBOUND Coloring Books.™

140 Single-sided Pages, Heavy Weight Paper, Adult Coloring Book

Packaged in White Reusable Project Box

LET’S GO CRAZY QUILTING VOLUME 1 & 2 by SewEndipitous® Designs is a massive adult coloring book for quilting and sewing addicts with 140 pages of intricate and elaborate crazy quilt designs.  It is a beautiful and detailed coloring book designed for those who love quilting, sewing, or experimenting with color.  Those that love a fantastic and challenging coloring book are sure to rejoice. 

Each page features a unique and detailed crazy quilt design that offers intricate patterns, shapes, and designs that will delight and inspire quilters and sewists alike.  With thick, high-quality pages and a size perfect for framing or displaying, this coloring book is a great way to unleash your creativity and pass the time in a relaxing and enjoyable way. 

Experiment with unique color combinations and embrace the crazy to unleash your creative genius!  You can make the rules and break them at any time.  This coloring book offers something unique and special that you are sure to love!

More information:
Welcome to SewEndipitous® Designs, your ultimate destination for beautiful and detailed coloring books designed specifically for those who love quilting, sewing, or experimenting with color. Our collection of adult coloring books is perfect for both beginners and experienced colorists, offering a fantastic and challenging coloring experience that is sure to bring joy and relaxation.

At SewEndipitous®, we understand the unique passion and creativity that comes with quilting and sewing. That's why our coloring books are carefully curated to feature intricate designs inspired by various sewing patterns, quilts, and textile art. Each page is a potential work of art in itself, waiting to be brought to life with your personal touch.

Whether you're a quilting enthusiast looking for a new way to express your creativity or someone who simply enjoys the therapeutic benefits of coloring, our coloring books offer a delightful escape into a world of colors and patterns. Immerse yourself in the intricate details of our designs, allowing your imagination to run wild as you experiment with different color schemes and shading techniques.

Not only are our coloring books visually stunning, but they are also made with the highest quality materials to ensure a premium coloring experience. Each book is printed on thick, single-sided paper that is perfect for a variety of coloring mediums, including colored pencils, markers, and even watercolors making them perfect for framing your finished masterpiece.

But that's not all - SewEndipitous® is also proud to introduce our Unbound Quilter and Sewist versions of our coloring books. Unleash your creativity and unbind your artistic spirit with our Unbound Coloring Books. These innovative books allow you to explore your creativity without the constraints of traditional binding, giving you the freedom to fully express yourself.  Packaged in either reusable project boxes or plastic envelopes they are perfect for later crafting storage (see description of each unbound product offering).

At SewEndipitous, we believe that coloring should be a joyful and relaxing experience for everyone. That's why we strive to provide you with the best possible coloring books that cater to your unique interests and passions. Whether you're a seasoned quilter, a sewing enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of color, our adult coloring books are sure to bring you hours of creative bliss.

Dive into the world of SewEndipitous adult coloring books and let your imagination soar. Explore the intricate designs, experiment with different color combinations, and create stunning works of art that reflect your personal style. With our coloring books, the possibilities are endless, and the joy of coloring knows no bounds. Shop now and embark on a colorful journey with SewEndipitous!

A SewEndipitous® Exclusive!!
Made & Printed in U.S.A.

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