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Make Time - MINI Charm Pack - 24570MC

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Inspired by the recognition of how creating space in our lives to be makers helps us to discover ourselves, and who we really are. The artwork for Make Time was inspired directly from my love of textiles, and of making.
Item Number: 24570MC
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Note: Mini Charm Pack 2.5" x 2.5"

Name: Make Time - MINI Charm Pack - 24570MC

Manufacturer: Moda Manufacturer Item: 24570MC Description: 100% Cotton, 42 Piece Assorted Type: Mini Charm Pack 2.5" x 2.5" Designer / Author: Aneela Hoey

Group Name: Make Time Theme: Novelty/Sewing

Crystal Manning speaks to this lovely collection. "Throw open the windows and take in the new season.  Birds are bouncing, trees are budding, and nature is awakening.  The Lady Bird Collection represents the harmony of spring and summer with landscapes painted in florals, and birds singing their song.  I am always excited at the birth of a new year, enjoying walks in town to smell the new blooms.  My hope is that this collection evokes the same felling of excitement for you, so you can create something that brightens hearts and homes.  As Lady Bird Johnson said herself, "Where flowers bloom so does hope."

High-quality fabric | No Refunds on Cut Yardage.

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