From Pins to Pictures: How Social Media is Changing the Face of Quiltsharing

The internet and social media certainly get a bad rap these days, and more often than not, it seems deservingly so.  However, the internet is an excellent tool for connecting people who share similar interests.  

Social media platforms are beneficial for bringing together quilters from all around the world, allowing them to share their projects, connect with fellow quilters and find inspiration.  The traditional method of sharing quilts involved attending quilt shows, entering contests, or forming local quilting guilds.  However, social media has changed how quilts are shared and have made it possible for anyone to create a global community.  

Let’s explore how social media platforms are changing the face of quilt sharing.  

1.  Instagram 

Instagram has become a go-to platform for quilters around the world.  This platform allows quilters to share their projects with a worldwide audience, as it was designed primarily with photography sharing in mind.  Instagram has a plethora of hashtags that quilters use to share their work, including #quiltersofinstagram, #modernquilter, and #quiltlove.  

Quilters on Instagram use these hashtags to share their work with others, get inspired by others’ projects, and participate in themed challenges.  Quilters can also follow their favorite quilters and designers to keep up-to-date with new projects and designs.  

2.  Pinterest  

Pinterest is a visual search engine that has become a favorite tool for quilters.  Quilters use Pinterest to search for inspiration, patterns, and tutorials related to quilting.  

Pinterest is like having a virtual bulletin board of inspiration where quilters can save and organize their favorite images and ideas.  The platform allows users to create boards for different topics, such as quilting patterns for beginners, machine quilting inspiration, or even organizing quilting supplies.  

3.  YouTube  

YouTube has become an excellent platform for quilters looking to learn new techniques.  There are an endless number of quilting tutorials and step-by-step guides available on the forum.  Quilters can learn everything from basic quilting to more advanced techniques, such as foundation piecing, paper piecing, and even designing their own quilts.  YouTube also provides a way for quilters to connect with others and share their experiences, tips, and tricks.  

4.  Facebook Groups  

Facebook groups have become an excellent place for quilters to connect with other quilters in their local community or around the world.  There are Facebook groups for particular quilt styles and techniques, as well as groups focused on buying and selling quilting supplies.  

By joining a Facebook group, quilters can get inspiration from others, ask for advice or feedback on their projects, and find local quilting events in their area.  

5.  Online Quilting Communities  

Quilting communities online have been created for quilters who want more than just a Facebook group.  These communities are online forums where quilters can share their work with others, participate in events such as sew-a-longs or block swaps, and even take online classes.  

Some of the most popular quilting communities include The Modern Quilt Guild, The International Quilt Association, and The Quilt Show Community.  

Undoubtedly, social media has changed the face of quilting forever.  It’s easier than ever to share our quilting projects with the world, get inspiration from others, connect with fellow quilters and learn new techniques.  

By embracing social media, quilters have created a global community that is helping to preserve the traditional craft while making quilty-friends along the way.  Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have enabled quilters to connect with other quilters around the world and share their projects with a global audience.  

YouTube has revolutionized learning, making quilting tutorials and classes available to anyone with an internet connection.  Facebook groups and online quilting communities allow quilters to connect on a deeper level, sharing their knowledge, experience, and love for the craft. 

Most social media platforms are easy to use even for the most technically challenged folks.  Find the one that works best for you!  Step out of the shadow of judgment and fear and put yourself and your work out there; and learn from others with gratitude.  Gift the world with you and your work.  You deserve to be seen!  There is a community out there just waiting to welcome you.  Can't find one?  Create your own!

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