Frightful Night Fabric Collection

Frightful Night Fabric Collection

Designed by Art Licensing studio collection

You can feel it. It’s that creeping, crawling sensation that covers your arms in goosebumps and inches its way up your spine. It’s Halloween. Trick or Treat. It is a Frightful Night.

You know the time of year. It’s the night the dead roam the earth. Bats and spiders raid the landscape in the darkness. The glowing eyes of the Jack-o-lanterns stare through to your soul and black cats stalk the spirit of the living with an otherworldly possession. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

At the very least, embrace the fun, get lost in the illusion of the spirit of the season with this brightly colored, gorgeously creepy collection perfect for the Halloween time of year.

Fabric Collection Gallery


Frightful Night - Black/Orange Halloween Dots 20510-988
Frightful Night - Black/Purple Halloween Dots 20510-966
Frightful Night - Charcoal Halloween Spiderwebs 20509-991
Frightful Night - Orange Halloween Spiderwebs 20509-899
Frightful Night - Purple Halloween Spiderwebs 20509-696
Frightful Night - Black Halloween Bats Allover 20508-999
Frightful Night - Purple Halloween Bats Allover 20508-669
Frightful Night - Black Halloween Pumpkin Toss 20507-988
Frightful Night - Orange Halloween Pumpkin Toss 20507-898
Frightful Night - Black Halloween Cats Allover 20506-998
Frightful Night - Orange Halloween Cats Allover 20506-898
Frightful Night - Purple Halloween Cats Allover 20506-698
Frightful Night - Black Halloween Trees & Moons 20505-991
Frightful Night - Orange Halloween Trees & Moons 20505-891
Frightful Night - Purple Halloween Trees & Moons 20505-691
Frightful Night - Black Halloween Scenic Allover 20504-998
Frightful Night - Orange Halloween Scenic Allover 20504-896
Frightful Night - Multi Frightful Night Halloween Repeating Stripe 20503-869
Frightful Night - Multi Halloween Placemat Panel 20502-986

Placemat Panel

Frightful Night - Multi Halloween Placemat Panel 20502-986

Halloween Large Panel

Frightful Night - Multi Halloween Large Panel 24in x 43in 20501-896

Frightful Night - Multi Halloween Large Panel 24in x 43in 20501-896

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