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Emily Sue Sewist & Friends 11 oz Ceramic Mug 5668028 001080

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11 oz Ceramic Mug | Product Material: Ceramic | Product Color: Bone | Product Diameter: 3.27" | Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
Item Number: ESS1080
Availability: In Stock.
Emily Sue Sewist & Friends™ 11 oz Ceramic Mug 5668028 001080

Product Specifications:
Product Material: Ceramic
Product Color: Bone
Capacity: 11 oz
Product Diameter: 3.27"

Care Instructions:
Microwave and dishwasher safe

"Emily Sue Sewist & Friends" designs are a delightful collection of illustrations inspired by our SewEndipitous® matriarch, Emily Sue Elkins, affectionately known simply as Sue. The artwork beautifully captures the essence of Sue and her friends engaging in playful sewing and quilting activities. With their thoughtful and angelic expressions, these little sewists are depicted amidst a charming scene of sewing machines and scattered fabrics, creating a whimsical and vintage ambiance.
The illustrations of "Emily Sue Sewist & Friends" are carefully crafted to evoke a childlike warmth, reminiscent of a simpler, sweeter, and more innocent time. Each drawing transports you to a world where the hours are endless, creativity knows no bounds, and the joy of sewing is celebrated with every stitch. Whether you're a seasoned sewist or a beginner, these will surely bring a smile to your face and inspire you to embark on your own sewing adventures. From the intricate details of the sewing machines to the pleasing colors of the fabrics, every element in these illustrations is thoughtfully designed to capture the imagination and ignite a sense of nostalgia. The combination of fancifulness and vintage charm creates a unique aesthetic that appeals to both young and old alike.

About the Emily Sue Sewist & Friends™ brand: At SewEndipitous® our Mom (Sue) has blessed us with so much love that we wanted to capture that feeling and give it to the world in a special way that also honors her. The Emily Sue Sewist & Friends™ brand includes many collectibles from greeting cards, totes, journals, prints and gifts that continue to grow in scope and popularity.

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