Discover Break of Day Fabric Collection

Break of Day Fabric Collection

Designed by Jackie Macdonald of Sweetfire Road for Moda Fabrics

A new day breaks over the countryside and the sky is painted with pretty shades of peach and yellow. The air is sweet with the scent of green, growing crops, and the sun is shining. The world feels fresh, and full of possibilities.

Break of Day is the debut collection from Jackie MacDonald of Sweetfire Road, marrying inspiration from vintage storybooks with the love of a bright, sunny day in the country.

Break of Day Fabric Collection Gallery

Break Of Day - Ivory Blush 43107 21
Break Of Day - Ivory 43106 11
Break Of Day - Breeze 43102 17
Break Of Day - Blush 43101 11
Break Of Day - Ivory Meadow 43108 21
Break Of Day - Ivory 43104 11
Break Of Day - Meadow 43108 16
Break Of Day - Sunshine 43104 18
Break Of Day - Meadow 43104 16
Break Of Day - Blush 43102 13
Break Of Day - Meadow 43100 16
Break Of Day - Blush 43100 13
Break Of Day - Navy 43108 14
Break Of Day - Blush 43107 13
Break Of Day - Ivory Meadow 43107 11
Break Of Day - Ivory Charcoal 43105 21
Break Of Day - Meadow 43105 17
Break Of Day - Cornflower 43103 15
Break Of Day - Navy 43103 14
Break Of Day - Cornflower 43102 15
Break Of Day - Honeysuckle 43108 12
Break Of Day - Ivory Navy 43108 11
Break Of Day - Navy 43104 14
Break Of Day - Navy 43101 14
Break Of Day - Ivory 43100 11
Break Of Day - Sunshine 43106 18
Break Of Day - Blush 43106 13
Break Of Day - Ivory 43105 11
Break Of Day - Tonal Ivory 43104 21
Break Of Day - Cornflower 43104 15
Break Of Day - Blush 43103 12
Break Of Day - Ivory 43103 11
Break Of Day - Ivory Cornflower 43101 21
Break Of Day - Honeysuckle 43104 12

Meet the designer . . . 

Jackie MacDonald of Sweetfire Road

Jackie MacDonald of Sweetfire Road

Hello!  I’m Jackie MacDonald of Sweetfire Road.  I’m a designer living in coastal Maine with roots in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.  My husband, Neil, and I have a wonderful little boy named Sammy.  

I enjoy making my home a comforting haven for both me and my family.  I combined my background in product development and home ec to create my brand, Sweetfire Road, so that I could make my own artwork for home and share it with others, too!

When designing, I take cues from things that evoke warm memories for me. Seasonal treats such as jewel-toned pumpkins in the fall and freshly colored Easter eggs in the spring make me so ridiculously happy.  And little mementos from family adventures like feathers and pressed flowers are treasures and a constant source of inspiration.  My intent as a designer is to nurture your home with patterned art that exudes natural beauty, a touch of wonder, and the comfort that comes from that feeling of being "home."

I am so grateful to be creating artwork with Moda that inspires lovely garments, quilts, decor and cherished keepsakes.  It fills my heart with such joy to be a part of the Moda family. 

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